Don’t marry the person you think you can live with; marry the person you think you can’t live without.

Wedding’s are one of the few occassion’s that bring everyone together for love; problems are momemntarily forgotten, families unite love fills the room and happiness is shared.

This is why I love doing them.  Who wouldn’t want to spend a day with lots of happy people and people in love.  I love to tell the story as it unfolds and keep it as natural as possible.  My style is fresh, light and colourful, with a little black and white, and plenty of love through out the whole process.

Capturing memories that last a lifetime.

Packages starting at $500 p/h

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You’re love evolves from being just two into three, four, mabye a few more. Some are even fur babies! I love nothing more than capturing a beautiful bump, then the first week or two of your beautiful creation.

There is something so magical about these moments that I get all crazy excited when I am in the moment.

Maternity sessions at sunset, I have the beautiful skirts and tops for you to wear because let’s face it at this point in your pregnancy you aren’t really wanting to buy new clothes!

Newborns can be done in your home or my home studio on the Sunshine Coast.  Which ever is best suited to you.  These are best captured before 3 weeks when bubs are sleepy, wrinkly, tenny and so new!  But I don’t descriminate on age, so can do it whenever.  But if you can, it is best to do it before they get past 2 weeks of age.

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Your family.  Just because there is no pregnancy, birth or newborn doesn’t mean you shouldn’t document your families growth.  We all have a million images these days on our phone. How many do we print?  How often do you look at the family photos and see so many with you not in them because you are taking them.  

Well it is time to get out from behind the camera, put on something nice and get toether for some lovely photos that your children and granchildren will treasure.  We do this for the next generation too. Let’s make some history!