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        Capturing these little moments is magical for me as a parent. They grow-up so fast and I am currently going through the panic that my time with my children is rapidly running out. In a few more years, I won’t be the weekend choice of companionship. Cuddling up to me on the couch after a day at the beach watching old comedies will be no longer wanted and will be replaced with sleep-overs and going out with friends (or even boyfriends!).

        This location has caught my eye many times when out running and as the sun starts to set, I knew it would be perfect to photograph in. I asked Daisy if she wanted to be my model, she was so enthusiastic and happy to do it. Which to be honest isn’t always the case! We came up with the clothing to wear and she has little ideas that she wanted to bring to the shoot too, which was adorable. I love these times together. She can be very patient and cute and I have to also be very patient (and cute 😉 ) when she is being so easy going. Sadly Oscar isn’t so keen to join in. He was more interested in running around with his catapult and pretending he is in the army. I am sure if I was to do a shoot with a soldier he would be keen!

        Everyone loves to get the newborn photos taken, then when they are babies, or a cake smash, or first year…but we forget how adorable this age group is, not to mention so easy to photograph. A session like this can be done in 30 minutes. Please get in touch as I am offering discounted Wild & Free Session.


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