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        Hello I am Linzie

        Hi I am Linzie, I am a Scottish photographer living on the Sunshine Coast with my husband John and two children Oscar & Daisy. I studied photography as soon as I left school, spending hours in the dark room developing my own black and white images. It wasn't until I had my daughter that I decided to make photography a career and haven't looked back.

        Love the life you live

        About Me

        Photographer | Lover of Life | Memory Catcher

        I am a big lover of life.  I am also very blessed to have a pretty awesome husband who I have two fun, confident and adventurous children.  We choose experiences over possessions.  We aren’t materialistic and there are certainly no big ego’s in our house!

        Sadly both of my parents died pretty suddenly, my Dad of a heart attack at 63 and Mum was given 3 weeks to live after discovering she had ovarian cancer that had spread through her whole body.  These painful losses have made me realise how utterly important life is and once the loved ones are gone all we have left are memories and photographs.  Making me more determined to capture special moments for beautiful souls.  Not only that but I want everyone who comes to me to have a print from the session.  We need to be able to hold the things we have invested our money and time into and for me to give you a print is the best thing I can do!

        I also love to travel.  I have been to so many places, favourites are Nepal, France, Philippines, Sri Lanka, India, Papua New Guinea and of course bonnie Scotland.  I have lived in Scotland, Sydney and now the Sunshine Coast.  The Sunshine Coast is by far my most favourite place to live.

        So if you want to have your beautiful life documented and captured with love and emotion then I am your girl.  You will never regret having a session with me…if anything you will regret you never did it sooner!

        Linzie xx