Hi I am Linzie, I am a Scottish photographer living on the Sunshine Coast with my husband John and two children Oscar & Daisy. I studied to be a photographer as soon as I left school, spending hours in the dark room developing my own black and white images. It wasn't until I had my daughter that I decided to make photography a career and hasn't looked back.

    Love the life you live

    About Me

    Photographer | Mother of Dragons | Memory Catcher

    I am a big lover of life.  My Mum was a big believer in being happy and being kind.  We are in charge of our life.  If we aren’t happy then we need to make the changes to be happy and this is how I live and know it is the reason why I am so content.  I am also very blessed to have a pretty awesome husband who I have two fun and adventurous children with.  My Dad was a very hard worker, and made us believe that if you work hard good things will come. I know he was right.  Sadly both of my parents died pretty suddenly, my Dad of a heart attack at 63 and Mum was given 3 weeks to live after discovering she had ovarian cancer that had spread through her whole body.  These painful losses have made me realise how utterly important life is and once the loved ones are gone all we have left are memories and photographs.  Making me more determined to capture special moments for beautiful souls. My biggest passion and obsession is photography.  I am never without my camera and I get crazy excited over amazing sunsets, fun people and new ideas.  I am open to anything!  I love to travel.  I have been to so many places, favourites are Nepal, France, Philippines, Sri Lanka, India, Papua New Guinea and of course bonnie Scotland.

    I want to work with people who want to have fun, be creative and of course love my work.  If you think we would be good together then get in touch.   I think we could make some beautiful pictures together… Call me on +61 435 082 728 Linzie x