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        Babies are best photographed when they are sitting comfortably on their own, but if possible before they can crawl. This is usually from about 6 months of age. But they are all different. So as soon as your baby can sit for longer periods of time without the risk of falling backwards that is the bets time to book in.

        I am pretty minimalistic with the way I capture babies. I have plenty of outfits to choose from and like the newborn, very few props. Keeping it simple makes the focus all about your baby. I always choose the studio. It keeps them clean and is my favourite to produce the best photos of your baby. It should be a fun and joyful session to capture their big eyes, chubby rolls and dribble! If you are looking for more than just the baby session I offer milk baths with flowers or fruit.

        With older children you can capture them at any age and most locations. I have plenty of ideas on where to go and how to get the best out of them. As a mum to 2 and an Aunty to 15 little ones I have plenty of experience with getting laughter and happiness captured!