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        After 10 years of capturing newborns I find the posing is now effortless and without much thought. Not all babies will mould perfectly. But there are ways to create beautiful shapes with these sweet fresh babes. I like to think I turn these beautiful fresh beings into beautiful pieces of art with it looking natural and timeless.

        Classes will be capped at 15 and there will be time to ask questions as I go through the process. Sadly due to me living in Australia the time difference will almost impossible for some of you to join me online. I have to do the newborn sessions early in the morning and it won’t work any time after 3pm as I use natural light. So if you are prepared to stay up into the wee hours of the morning then you will be able to take part, depending where you are in the world. The video is saved in the Facebook group for 3 weeks after, so plenty of time to watch over and drop any questions into the group in that time.

        Not available to educators, mentors or those who plan to teach in the next 12 mths. I think it only fair that I show those who want to create these images for their clients and not interested in showing other photographers. I have spent 10 years learning and understanding how to pose babies. My clients love what I do and I want your clients to love what you do too!


        What is the investment

        How do we watch the workshop?

        Can we ask questions during the class?

        What kind of poses will you do?

        I am in the UK will that time be OK for me?

        Can we download it?


        $950 for a 3 hour class PLUS a zoom editing class and Q&A later in the week.