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online newborn posing


Watch me in a pre-recorded newborn workshop via Zoom, as I show you how I wrap and pose my newborns. How I capture them on the beanbag alone, with the parents hands and with the parents as a family together.

This is done as a group on Zoom. Maximum 10 people in the 90 minute class.

01. Lighting

02. camera angles

03. wrapping

04. posing naturally 05. parents posing

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online newborn workshop

3 hours of learning with two workshop videos, one with one baby and parents and the second with twins and parents. Lighting, angles, poses and camera settings will be covered.

Both videos will go over how I pose one baby and two babies with parents.

All aspects of running a photography business will be covered.

Editing and how to use my presets will also be shown.

This is a 1:1 class with intensive learning to help you jump ahead quickly in your ability and understanding in photography & business.

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You are a great photographer, but unsure how to run a business well. I will be able to provide you with plenty of knowledge on how to run a good business. What software and apps I use to keep it running smoothly. How I manage my time effectively. Dealing with clients and ensuring you give them a great experience.

I don't believe there is such a thing as a good work/life balance. But you can do both if you put systems in place.

I have worked for 11 years with no family around to help with my children. I have successfully managed to run my business and run my family home with no help around. I have experienced running a business with little people and now with teens (neither is easier they are just different) so I understand the stress of coping with both.

In this course I will give you solid advice on how to become more effective and what to implement to make it more streamlined and manageable.

Perfect for this who are starting out or just a few years in.

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