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        It has been a long time planning this and wanting to do this. So I am so glad to have finally kicked off my project with these beautiful Mumma’s. I am so grateful to every single one of these girls. They allowed me to get close and personal with them and capture the bond they have with their babies. It is such a hard job being a Mum and an even harder one breast feeding. For some it comes naturally and for others it is a long, exhausting process which can often cause lots of tears and frustration. We seem to have come a long way since I breast fed my babies 10 years ago. It is encouraged so much more and the stigma that once came with it seems to finally be going and people are getting much more relaxed about it.

        This is an ongoing project. I want to do it every few months and with more and more mums. So please get in touch if this interests you. It is pretty special to do what we do and we should embrace our bodies, being a Mum and enjoy every minute of it as it doesn’t last very long!


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