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        My workshops are a reflection of how I do my newborn sessions. I don't have the same poses, wrapping, routine that many other newborn photographers have. I believe that every baby is different and therefore so will each session be. Some babies don't like certain poses and others will melt into each one easily. So I use my nine years experience in working with newborns to teach others who dream to be one or think that they need the extra push to move forward.

        I am an open book, I show you how to pose, wrap and settle with the baby leading me most of the way. You can ask me anything throughout the day.

        I have moved my business from Scotland to Sydney and then 4 years ago to the Sunshine Coast. So I have plenty of experience on marketing, advertising and getting your work out there. I am also happy to critique any work you feel needs help with.

        Online Editing Workshop

        My online class will take place every month.  It lasts 2 hours and I will teach you Lightroom and Photoshop.  I will go through each section in Lightroom and then move into Photoshop.  I will teach you how to edit an image correctly for print.  Also how to edit skin, remove blemishes, swap heads and smooth blankets.  I will show you the clone tool, heal tool and content aware plus many more features.

        Each student will receive my black and white action and a custom made preset.

        Cost is $450 for the two hour class.

        One hour of ask me anything

        THE WORKSHOP - $1650

        Coming Soon…

        Day 1 – meet & greet and maternity shoot at the beach

        Day 2 – newborn session with parents.

        Starting at 9.00am I will go through the studio set-up, props, how I prepare the clients and prep studio. The we will have the newborn and parents and spent about 2 -3 hours working with them. During which I will show you camera techniques, lighting, lenses, angles, posing and how to best interact with the clients to get the most of the the session with them.  Once the shooting is over we will stop for lunch and then move onto culling, editing, delivering and social media. Finishing up around 5pm.

        Dinner and drinks after at the local restaurant

        WHY I TEACH

        I think it is really important to share knowledge and be able to teach to help improve other photographers.  I would like to hope it lifts the standard for lots of you so that you feel your work is moving forward.  It is hard for us as artists to know if our work is good enough.  It will be a constant battle of trying and testing and the most growth I have had is when I have learnt from other photographers.

        WHO | WHERE | WHAT

        Class is for the photographer wanting to improve their knowledge in newborn photography.  Knowledge on how to use your camera and your way around Lightroom & Photoshop is required.

        It is held on the beautiful Sunshine Coast.

        A DSLR is great to bring, along with a portrait lens.