“Live for the moments you can’t put into words”


Mother | Wife | Dreamer | Memory Catcher

I am from Scotland though my accent gets mistaken as Irish, Canadian and I have even had South African (nothing like any of them!)

I have lived in Australia since 2007 and feel lucky every day that I now call the Sunshine Coast home.

My Dad is originally from Sydney and my Mum is Scottish and I was born in Iran.

I am the eldest of five children; sadly both parents have passed away.  We all feel too young to not have these amazing people in our lives any more.  So I am now even more hell bent on capturing the moments while we are all still here.

If I hadn’t become a photographer I would have loved to be a midwife or a paramedic.

I have two children Oscar & Daisy and I tell both of them secretly that they are my favourite and they really believe it!

I also wind my children up on a daily basis.  Makes life so much more fun.  Recently they believed I ran on water and spent most of the summer trying it, but failing (sucked in haha).  They also believe I am fluent in French.  The day we go to France will be a big shock when they realise it was all a lie.